Biodegradable Coco Coir Fiber Erosion Control Logs

erosioncontrol-logs-plantedErosion Control LogFibreDust’s Erosion Control Coco Coir Logs are tightly wrapped dense cylinders of natural coconut coir fiber, held together with strong, eco-friendly natural coir twine webbing, also made from coconut fiber. These long lasting (typical 2-5 years) completely biodegradable coir logs are the perfect natural solution for stabilizing river and stream beds, slopes, banks and shorelines. Coir logs are also used to prevent beach erosion and hold sand in place during beach restoration. Construction sites use coir logs for retaining and filtration. Marsh and wetland mitigation and restoration projects use these plantable coir logs to establish new wetland plantings. Coir fiber degrades slowly which makes these logs far superior to straw bales. FibreDust erosion control logs are easy to install with predrilled holes every 2 feet.  Stakes can be used to secure the logs as needed. FibreDust’s erosion control logs allow natural vegetation to be planted right into the coir logs to begin the restoration process.

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Advantages and Benefits of Using FibreDust Coir Logs

  • Coir logs can be installed to natural contours often found in high erosion areas
  • Plants root easily and grow into and through coir logs
  • Safe for the environment and leave no plastic residue as they decompose
  • Bird and Animal friendly
  • Holds seeds, plants securely as they root in
  • Very strong holding power
  • Extremely water permeable
  • Provides stability over time
  • Easy to Install

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Fibredust provides coir logs in the following sizes:

Product ID Logs/Waddles D L Wt
eclog1210 Erosion Control log holes 12″ 10′ 70
eclog1220 Erosion Control log holes 12″ 20′ 140
eclog1610 Erosion Control log holes 16″ 10′ 80
eclog1620 Erosion Control log holes 16″ 20′ 160
eclog2010 Erosion Control log holes 20″ 10′ 100

All coir logs are wrapped with bristle coir twine webbing with 2inch x 2inch openings and filled with coir mattress fiber. For more information please fill out the form below.

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