For Immediate Release  July 3 2017


Andrew Pidgeon

Marketing Manager


Phone: 860 919 6550

This Coco Coir Needs No Expansion.. Open Pour and Plant

Cromwell, CT, July 3, 2017– FibreDust LLC  is now offering fluffed and bagged coco coir growing media for easy instant use with no expansion necessary.  The 1.5 cu ft bags will fulfill the desire of many gardeners and growers to have a ready-to-use coco coir product.  The target market will be hydroponic stores, garden centers and growers.  The bagged products will allow growers to skip the expansion process required of compressed coir products saving time and money in production growing.

“We are proud to offer expanded  coco coir in easy to use bagged form! This has been a plan for some time and it’s exciting to see it come together.”

Sam Ahilan CEO of Fibredust LLC

Fibredust’s first bagged products will be sold under the brand name Ameri-Coco with three bagged blends:

Columbo Jumbo 100% expanded coco coir, Brown Pearl, a blend of coco coir and perlite, and Root Kandy, a coco coir  product buffered with Calcium Nitrate. Just open, pour and plant!  These blends are also available in 2 cu yd “Super Sacks” as well.  Future plans include new additives and custom blends.


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