HortiDaily 9/25/13

What started as a hobby for Sam Ahilan, founder of FibreDust, has turned into a company that provides quality coco coir to some of the world’s largest growers. After more than a decade in business, Ahilan is now looking to emerging markets to further expand his network of customers. Within the last 15 months FibreDust has opened new offices and distribution centers in  Europe , China and Mexico and is present at a large number of trade shows, worldwide.

FibreDust product line consists of but not limited to:  Compressed coir blocks, Semi compressed coir bails, Coco chips in various grades, Grow bags in standard and custom blends (industry specific), Coir Elle pots, grow poles, weed mats, erosion control products, hanging baskets, fiber pots, and more.

Author: Boy de Nijs
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