Coco Mill System


Coco Mill Cm-200

The automated CM-200 can take full pallets of coir block and reconstitute them all easily. Blocks are shoved off the pallet and into a hopper which adds the precise amount of water necessary to restore the coir to a usable state. There is not water waste or mess. The reconstituted coir leaves the the Coco Mill by conveyor.

Advantages of The Logitec Coco Mill:
  • Product can be loaded directly from the shipping pallet, therefore less risk of cross-contamination or diseases.
  • Machine can be used indoors, which allows production to continue in any weather.
  • Material is moisturized before being loosened which helps maintain the structure of the coir material.
  • Can be used for all types of Coir Blocks.
  • No dust forming.
  • Low water usage by recycling back into the mill.
  • The Coir processing line can be operated with one person.
  • Possibillity to add additives to the coir and mix inline using Logitec’s soil mixing components.
  • Full Service, parts and support available within North America.