Coco Coir 1 Meter Slab Grow Bags

coir grow bags for hydroponic vegetable production

Coco Coir 1 Meter Grow Bags

FibreDust Flat Coco Coir Grow Bag are used as a component to food production for crops including strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers and more. These coco coir based grow bags foster extreme root growth and are used in high, medium and low tech hydroponic cultivation and commercial greenhouses worldwide, Fibredust OMRI listed grow bags come with a compressed coir slab. When hydrated the coco coir fills the bag and is ready for planting.  Our grow bags have a natural pH of 5.8 to 6.0.  FibreDust’s stock coir grow bags measure 100 x 15 x 10 cm, however, custom sizes can be accommodated  for container load orders.

FibreDust 1 meter  Coir grow bags are available in custom blends as well.  The Stock blend is a 70-30 coir pith (small particle) to cut fiber ratio.  Growers are now specifying many different blends depending on their water retention/aeration requirements.  We can provide any blend of coco coir, to coco chips and cut fiber in container quantities.   Custom Labeling is also available.

FibreDust Grow bags are often used with our coco coir grow “cubes”  Please follow this link for more info…

Pallet load is 500 bags.

20 Pallets per 40′ container

FibreDust’s new “SuperChip” Grow bags for Peppers


1 meter grow bags

3 + 10 =