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Everything you need to get started!

pic_compgard4Just add H2O

It’s hard to believe what you get when you buy The City Garden. The City Garden comes complete with NON-GMO seed packets for tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, an amazing soil less growing media made from coconutcity-garden-grow-bag-with-tomatosm husks called coir peat, a little greenhouse with seed starting discs to germinate your seeds, and fertilizer packets formulated specially for The City Garden crops you’ll be growing. The instructions you get with The City Garden are foolproof and take you from starting your seeds, expanding your coir block (kids and adults love this part) setting your fertilizer pellets, to planting your seedlings. Its a fun and easy system that works even if you have a brown thumb.  Simply follow the directions, add water and you are growing!

Grow on Your Balcony, Deck or Any Sunny Spot

We created The City Garden to introduce the coir growing medium to the public.  Its been an amazing success and a fun way to introduce foolproof gardening to folks who may have never had a garden that works.  Try one and you’ll be sold!  Available at many retailers, Home Depot, Publix and more.  If you cannot find The City Garden, click here to access our store.


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city_logo city_vegkitcity_customersThe City Garden is packaged perfectly for retailers and is an easy sale. You can rest assured that once this product leaves your store, you’ll have happy successful gardeners, that will come back to you with great feedback.

Everyone loves the way the Coir bricks expand to the top of the bag just by adding water. The seed germination process is fun and educational too!  Easy to follow instructions come in every box along with everything needed to enjoy home grown garden goodness. It’s really true.. you just add H2O


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Here’s a great little video about the City Garden

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