Washed Coco Chips


Husk chips of various sizes are used in many of FibreDust’s custom growing blends. They are increasingly important in high tech hydroponic greenhouses with growers who must irrigate with nutrient solution several times per day to deliver hydroponic nutrients and oxygen to roots.  FibreDust provides standard blends in our grow bag products with custom blends available based on client needs. These blends are specified in ratios of chips to pith. “Pith” is the smaller particle, the dust that is considered “coco peat” . Analysis has reveled that a blend of 50% chips / 50% Coir has a satisfactory level for water retention and air retention and is the blend of choice for tomatoes.  A blend of 70% chips /30% Coir is very good for berries and cucumbers.  A blend of 30% chips / 70% Coir has high water retention an relatively low air capacity making it satisfactory for heavy water users such as tomatoes and peppers.

Husk chips can be ordered in 5 kg blocks, wrapped, or as specified in a blend in blocks or slabs that make up our growbags.

Certain crops like orchids and air plants are grown directly in coco husk chips. 

FibreDust creates their own chips at each factory using green coconut husks.  Using green husk keeps EC low because the husk has never been soaked in salt water.  Available in several aggregate sizes,  chips make sure that your plants are getting the oxygen they need without being soggy.   If you’d like to see more about out chip production you may find this article about our Anar Coir Factory interesting.