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Put Down Roots

The professional choice for growers around the world, coconut coir stands alone as a quality substrate with unique properties. Organic in nature, sustainable and renewable, growing with coir is an eco-friendly choice that roots love.   At Fibredust, it’s all about the roots!  Healthy roots mean healthy plants, no matter what you’re growing.   Coir could be the perfect growth media, as it possesses the qualities that most plants demand:

  • Drainage
  • Moisture Retention
  • Aeration
  • Neutral pH

While coir is a staple in hydroponics,  the qualities that make it perfect for that application  translate to containers of all sizes, gardens, raised bed gardens, microgreens, floriculture and more. Soil manufacturers are using coir in their soil blends as an organic non-chemical method to offer moisture retention, aeration, and a longer lasting mix.

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Solution for Weeds?

Solution for Weeds?

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Potential Bright For FibreDust’s New Cromwell Warehouse

Potential Bright For FibreDust’s New Cromwell Warehouse

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