Every day,  growers discover why coconut coir peat has become the substrate of choice with so many of their peers.  The epiphany occurs sometimes when one least expects it.  Perhaps you’ve just purchased liners grown in coir.  You notice the difference.  Maybe a coir product rep calls on your nursery and after watching the  coir expand, feeling the consistency,  experiencing the absorption and drainage properties, you have that  “Aha” moment when you see the light and know it’s worth a trial.    Everyone who experiences the expansion of a coir block and feels it in their hands realizes that they’ve seen something that appears to be an answer to many varied growing problems that  you or your farm managers have been compensating for with other methods.

Greenhouse growers, vertical growers, hydroponic growers depend on coir as their substrate of choice.  Why?  Check these reasons:

  • Pathogen free
  • Neutral pH
  • Clean
  • Weed free
  • Easy to work with
  • The perfect consistency to grow their crop of choice
  • Superior water absorption
  • Excellent Drainage
  • Low EC

Obviously there will be changes to your growing regimen, and Fibredust wants to be sure your operation gets off on the right foot and you have maximum success with your trial.  If you’re considering the switch,  we have an offer:  a supervised trial with one of the best agronomists and soil scientists out there: Dr Hugh Poole.  If his name sounds familiar, it should! He’s been actively involved in soil science and growing for over 30 years.  If there is one thing Dr Poole knows.. it’s how to grow in coir. Growers in floriculture, horticulture and agriculture circles respect Dr Poole’s knowledge and experience.  Call us today and lets plan out your trial at your operation. We offer Dr Poole’s expertise and growing trial supervision at no charge with your first container order.

 Let us know what you are growing and about your operation. We’ll get you on the right track to growing with this superior medium.
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