Coir Grow Cubes: The must have accessory to our 1 meter grow bags

Use these even if you start from seedling trays!

Seedlings in cubesStart your seedling right with  FiberDust coco peat grow cubes! They work great with our 1 meter flat grow bags.  Use grow cubes to seed directly OR transfer seedlings from your seedling trays right into our grow cubes for non-existant transplant shock,

Grow cube deployed with emitters

fantastic results and reduced mortality.  Once you are satisfied with the growth of your plants, just place the grow cube over the opening in the grow bag, insert irrigation emitters and stand back while your plant reaches for the sky.   Grow cubes work by allowing the plant a little more depth as the roots will grow from it, down into the bag for maximum growth potential.

Better than rock wool the coco peat grow cubes have very high air porosity to foster extreme root growth into your main bag. Sold compressed like many of our products, just add water to the wafer inside the mesh bag.  It will swell to approx 4x4x6 inches. It comes with a dimple if you want to seed it direct.

growcube unexpandedAs a side note to gardeners, some swear by starting their seedlings in grow cubes, letting them harden up in a tray, and using the grow cube with seedling right on top of soil or topping soil in a pot.  NO digging! Mulch around and the plant will find it’s way down to the ground or into the soil in the pot.