Erosion Control Logs: More Than Just Erosion Control

Cromwell, CT, April 10, 2017– Erosion Control Logs serve dual purpose for local landscapers.

“After cutting all the invasive woody weeds from a hillside, these erosion control logs effectively stopped erosion into a sensitive river habitat during the fall and winter of 2017. The logs are relatively lightweight and have pre-drilled sleeves, making installation easy–even on a 30-degree slope. This spring, we will plant into and around the logs and bring the area back to its natural state.”- Kathy Connolly, landscape designer

FibreDust’s Erosion Control Coco Coir Logs are tightly wrapped dense cylinders of natural coconut coir fiber, held together with strong, eco-friendly natural coir twine webbing, also made from coconut fiber. These long lasting (typical 2-5 years) completely biodegradable coir logs are the perfect natural solution for stabilizing river and stream beds, slopes, banks, and shorelines. Marsh and wetland mitigation and restoration projects use these plantable coir logs to establish new wetland plantings. Coir fiber degrades slowly which makes these logs far superior to straw bales. FibreDust erosion control logs are easy to install with predrilled holes every 2 feet.  Stakes can be used to secure the logs as needed. FibreDust’s erosion control logs allow natural vegetation to be planted right into the coir logs to begin the restoration process.

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