On the day of the first full moon in May, Buddhists worldwide celebrate Vesak, a holiday that commemorates important events in the life of Lord Buddah, His  Birth, his  Attainment and his death 2500 years ago. The celebration includes the giving of alms, and foods, lighting Pandols which depict the 550 past life stories of Lord Buddah and colorful lanterns in every Buddhist home.   SP Matpol, one of our factories in Sri Lanka enjoyed the festival and handed out food to neighbors as is the custom.

The story of Siddartha Gautham, Lord Buddah, is fascinating as you can see from this shared account which describes Lord Buddahs LIfe, Attainment and Death from  the Lanka.com website.

Siddartha Gautham, Buddah to his followers, was born “with knowledge” to Queen Mahamaya under an arbor of Sat Trees.  Siddartha was considered a divine creature who chose the right time, the right area, the right caste and the right mother of whom to be born.

Birth of Siddharta Gautam

The Siddharth or lord Buddha, the divine creature inquired about five affairs before expiring for the final birth. The inquiries are the: right time, right area, right continent, right caste and right mother.

Then, as any Buddhists know, the fully mindful divine being entered the womb of Queen Mahamaya. A prince was born on a Vesak Poya day to the Queen and King Suddhodana and was named Siddhartha, one who has found meaning of existence. The Queen passed away seven days after the prince’s birth.

Attainment as Lord Buddha

Gautama Buddha was trained in various mental skills under many teachers, only to get disillusioned that they do not have the truth he looked for. The right way to achieve the truth dawned on him one day. He directed his mind in the path of meditation. Moments later he reached enlightenment and conquered the world of sorrows on Vesak Poya day.

Lord Buddha’s Parinibbana

80-year old Gotama Buddha then announced His passing away, Parinibbana, would take place on the third watch of the night at Sal grove of Malla royal family, and it happened to be a Vesak Poya day

.Enjoy the photos of SP Matpol’s Vesak Celebration with CEO Sam Ahilan, Subramaniam Bhavan,  Manager of SP Matpol, Subramaniam Bhavan in attendance.


Vesak SRI Lanka

Vesak Celebration, Waiting for Gifts


Ceo Sam Ahilan Handing Cakes for Vesak Celebration at SP Matpol Factory


Subramaniam Bhavan manager of SP Matpol with Production Manager Sarath


Satheesh Rao, Director FibreDust Group, With Buddhist Monks, Sam Ahilan CEO and Subramaniam Bhavan Manager SP Matpol


CEO Sam Ahilan with Buddhist Monk Visiting Factory


Waiting her turn