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5 Kg Coco Coir Block

5 KG Coco Coir Wrapped or Unwrapped

Expanded Coco Coir from 5kg block

Need Quantity? No Problem!

 FibreDust Coconut Coir 5kg

Expands to 2.5 cu ft (15 gallons) of 100% Coco Coir Growing Medium

FibreDust quality coco coir comes compressed 5 to 1 and is OMRI listed for organic use.  Our coir is available both wrapped and unwrapped. To expand, place in a large container and slowly add 5 gallons of water.  The result is amazing!

We provide and ship less than truckload quantities from our USA Warehouse in Cromwell CT.  If  you are close by, pickups are welcome.


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Coir Slab Grow Bags

FibreDust 1 meter Grow Bags

Hydroponic Tomato Setup

Berry Blend Grow Bags

Tomatoes with Grow Bags

FibreDust 1 Meter Coir Slab Grow-bags

Fibredust growbags grow food world wide!  Available in several proven blends

These 1 meter (apprx 3 ft) grow bags are filled with compressed coir that expand to the size of the bag. They are used to grow peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and more in both low tech and high tech environments.  Ratios of pith to chips and fiber are used to ensure maximum compatibility to the crop and growing method used.  We have popular blends and sizes stocked in our USA Cromwell CT warehouse for less than truckload orders.  Full containers can be ordered to growers specifications.

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Handful of Coir Disc

Easy Tray Fillilng

Expanded disc in tray

Many Uses for Coir Discs

Wrapped Disc

Propagation with Disc

FibreDust Compressed Coir Discs

Amazingly Versatile

There are multiple uses for compressed coco coir discs. These lightweight coir discs are the perfect addition to any product made for “growing” .  They are often provided in a packaged product for those who want to provide growing media for their product. Think bulbs, seed starter kits, bonsai kits, window growing kits, micro-green kits and more. In addition they are used by hydroponic and aeroponic growers for such crops as lettuce and other greens.  Available as straight coir, or blended with chips and fiber,  with or without a fabric netting, Fibredust can provide coir discs in custom sizes and configurations.

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Spongease Coir Potting Soil

Seed Sticher

RootEase Root Pruning Pots

GreenEase Micro Green Pads

Live Mulch

Enroot Garden Products

FibreDust’s Retail Products Arm

The introduction of Enroot Products to Fibredust’s lineup brings unique garden products, ready for retail sale, to home and garden centers, nurseries and home improvement stores.  Enroot’s Spongease expanding potting soil is introducing the convenience of coco coir to gardeners everywhere!  The Seed Stitcher, is loved by both homeowners and the commercial lawn maintenance industry for it’s revolutionary method to plant seeds.  RootEase Soft Side Root Pruning Pots, enable gardening anywhere: On roofs, decks, rocks, and grass.  Commercial growers love them too! GreenEase Micro Green Seed Pads enable both commercial and home growers to grow micro greens easily.  Please contact us for more info!

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Coco Coir Block 5KGCoir 5kg Block

Upright Grow Bags

Coir Discs

25kg Coco Coir Bales

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Coir Mulch Block

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 Coir Grow Bags


Coco Poles

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The City Garden

Coco Husk Chips

Grow Cubes

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Coco Coir Pots


coco pots

Enroot Products


Coir Bricks

Erosion Control Blankets


Coir Erosion Logs


Coco Twine

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